Linguedo’s mission is to create fulfilling work opportunities by connecting jobseekers and employers and removing barriers of language, country or education.

Currently, we fulfill this mission by bringing nurses from Italy to Germany and teaching them German.



Our candidates put their lives and careers into our hands. For us, it is essential to not to disappoint their trust.


Work can and should be fun. At Linguedo, Mondays don’t suck. Why? Because every employee gets to work on the things he or she is passionate about.


Formal relationships? Not with us! We aren’t just a team - we are good friends. So good that in fact some of us live together.


We create only the best experience for customer, candidates and employees. We have a lot of responsibility, and we do not just want to fulfill that, but to exceed expectations.


We’re very flexible in our way of thinking. If it works, why shouldn’t we use it? We throw a lot of things against the wall and see what sticks. Why not?